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MANDATE is a movement to encourage men to take ownership of their health and rally together to support solution focused Australian men's health research.

Research funded by MANDATE events mean that we can continue to fund better diagnostics, treatments and preventatives for serious health issues facing Australian males.

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MANDATE Funds go to research conducted at the PA Campus which is home to the world's first cancer vaccine, Gardasil, the Australian Prostate Cancer Centre, the Australian Head and Neck Cancer Centre, the Translational Research Institute and so much more. Your funds will well and truly be supporting our best chances of bringing to life the next great medical discovery, which could save the life of someone you love.

This very special fundraising campaign is made possible largely by AVC venues in Queensland who raise funds during the months of June and July for prostate cancer research at the PA. They have come so far over the last few years in supporting men in the fight against prostate cancer, many lives have been saved but for some there is still a long way to go…

Your support of this campaign by visiting your local participating AVC venue is vital for us to continue to make ground in the fight against this disease. Please help us continue to fight for all the men in our lives. Let's see if we can beat our 2018 amount of over $240,000 raised!